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OCM Vietnam: Embracing Innovation and Quality for success

OCM Vietnam Corporation is a leading cosmetics manufacturer in Vietnam, exclusively providing OEM cosmetic services under clients' brand names.

1. About OCM – History of formation and development

Through the journey of formation and development, OCM Vietnam has cultivated a corporate culture founded on the core values of "INNOVATION - QUALITY - HUMANITY."This culture promotes professionalism and trust throughout the organization.

Officially commencing operations in 2015, with a factory size of 11,000m2, OCM Vietnam has always been dedicated to development, continuously investing in modern equipment and implementing a quality management system that complies with internationally recognized standards, such as cGMP, ISO 22716, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. These actions underscore OCM Vietnam's steadfast commitment to the strictest quality standards, the highest quality products, and environmental responsibility.

Since 2017, OCM Vietnam has undertaken the exporting business. Since then, the company has continuously broadened its horizons and expanded its network of partners in the US, Japan, European, and Asian markets.

In 2018, recognizing the surge in product demand, OCM proactively initiated the expansion of its factory, strengthening the company's capacity to meet the requirements of both domestic and international markets while maintaining compliance with industry standards.

In 2022, OCM expanded its operations by launching a specialized production line for Homecare products. This strategic move aimed to deliver higher quality products at more competitive prices.

2. Our Mission
“Creativity and innovation are at the core of entrepreneurship”.

Backed by an experienced research and product development team, OCM consistently strives to deliver innovative and practical solutions to clients in every project.

Our mission is to offer consumers safe, high-quality, and eco-friendly products. We aim to strengthen your brand through our exceptional services, unwavering product quality, and consistency. Additionally, we are committed to fostering a fair and rewarding competitive work environment while providing stable employment opportunities for all our employees.

3. Our Commitments

We do not develop or promote our own brand, as our sole dedication is to fulfill the unique requirements of our clients by manufacturing exceptional cosmetics tailored to their specific brand identities, offering high-performance and reliable products that resonate with consumers.

Witnessing your branded products, produced at our factory, gaining recognition for their prestige and quality across nations and continents brings us immense joy.

Despite industry fluctuations, our commitment to clients remains unwavering. OCM Vietnam takes pride in being a forward-thinking partner, embracing future standards for mutual success.

OCM Vietnam Corporation