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OCM Vietnam offers comprehensive assistance, highlighting our expertise in planning, formulation development, and production. With our strong R&D and production capabilities, we deliver professional OEM cosmetic services and tailored support to meet your requirements. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering high-quality results, ensuring a successful outcome for your project.

Step 1: Consultation
We begin our collaboration with a comprehensive conversation to gain insights into your specific requirements, including product formulation, packaging, labelling, legal compliance and tailored strategies that best suits your concept and market needs.

Step 2 - Formulation and packaging development
OCM's experienced R&D experts conduct thorough research and develop formulations based on the client's brief.
Additionally, we provide various packaging options that align with the client's requirements.
We then present prototypes for evaluation and feedback exchange between our staff and the clients, ensuring a professional assessment to determine the most efficient option.
Once the client confirms the prototype, our chemists proceed with standardized testing protocols. This meticulous process ensures the high quality, stability, compatibility, and feasibility of the finished goods when launched in the market.

Step 3 – Proposal and Agreement
Once the final customized prototypes are confirmed, we will provide you with a cost proposal that perfectly matches your needs and expectations.
This includes unit cost, minimum order quantity, payment terms, and any additional charges like mold development. For new clients, once we agree on all the terms, we can proceed to sign the contract and start our partnership together.

Step 4 – Regulatory Compliance
To ensure the legal launch of your products in market, we will prepare the necessary legal documents for you. These include quality notifications at the Vietnamese Ministry of Health if you choose to launch them in Vietnam. Additionally, we will conduct a thorough review your label artwork and develop technical support documents to ensure full compliance with cosmetic regulations and alignment with your marketing claims.

Step 5 – Sourcing
Based on the purchase order and your plan, we will proceed with procuring the raw materials and packaging materials as per the specified requirements. Our procurement team establishes close collaboration with suppliers to ensure timely delivery and consistent quality maintenance.

Step 6 – Production and Quality Management
As soon as all the materials are available at our warehouse, we will produce the cosmetic products according to the approved specifications and package them according to your agreed-upon design.
Throughout the production line, our QA team will implement rigorous quality control measures to ensure that every stage is strictly controlled and complies with mandatory procedures and the quality management system.

Step 7 – Delivery
We offer a wide range of flexible logistics options to ensure that goods are delivered to clients' warehouses on time and in full.

Step 8 – On-going customer support
After the first batch of cosmetics is successfully produced and delivered, we will maintain constant communication with you, ensuring that any inquiries, concerns, or complaints from clients are promptly addressed.

We always pay attention to any feedback from clients and strive to turn the concerns into solutions or actions.
Client’s satisfaction and brand prestige is our motivations to improve our services.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further discussion on your project. (028) 394 92 902 – (028) 394 92 802 or email: