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Product informationWith its lightweight and easily absorbable texture that does not leave a sticky feeling, the body lotion provides full-body skin care by moisturizing, softening, and smoothing the skin. It helps brighten the skin, slow down the formation of wrinkles and aging, and gently protects the skin, resulting in a healthy-looking complexion. The lotion is enriched with a captivating and sweet fragrance, giving you confidence and attracting all eyes.


Moisturizing: The body lotion provides moisture to the skin, keeping it hydrated and preventing dryness.

Soothing and Softening: The nourishing ingredients in the lotion soothe the skin and keep it soft and smooth.

Skin Protection: The lotion also forms a protective barrier on the skin, guarding it against harmful environmental factors.

Enhancing Elasticity: Thanks to its nourishing components, the lotion also enhances skin elasticity, making it firmer and more supple.




Vitamin B3: helps brighten the skin.
Shea Butter: provides excellent moisturization and is extremely gentle for dry, rough skin, suitable even for sensitive skin.
AHA from apple, grape, lemon, and blueberry: gently exfoliates dead skin cells, moisturizes the skin, giving it a radiant and vibrant appearance.


Apply evenly on the body.

Massage the cream into the skin.

Use daily.

OEM services at OCM Vietnam:

CM Vietnam is a company specialized in perfume manufacturing and providing OEM services for perfume products. We have the capability to customize formulations and packaging designs to meet specific requirements from our customers.

Customers coming to OCM can enjoy the following benefits:

A wide range of products and designs to choose from.

Keeping up with the latest beauty trends.

Ensuring product quality meets high standards.

Committed to being environmentally friendly and suitable for various requirements.


OCM will provide advice and support to customers in finding suitable packaging designs for their lotion products.

The common packaging options for the lotion are:

  • Bottle/tube with cap, pump.
  • Various capacities ranging from 50 to 500 ml.
  • And various packaging options can be tailored to meet the specific request of customers.

Please feel free to reach out to us for further details regarding our OEM manufacturing services for Shower gel

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