Vision and Mission

Vietnamese cosmetic market is an emerging market with huge potential. However, the market is very fragmented, not only due to huge differences in income but also because of cultural heritage. The established international brands are able to provide products at a range of price points serving the larger market as a whole, therefore, occupied 90% of the market.  In that situation, OCM take the mission to expand the competitive ability of domestic brands.

Updated data in 2016 showed that there are more than 430 domestic cosmetic companies in Vietnam. However, there are limited brands can be compared with foreign one about product diversified, design and marketing. The main reason for their losing competitive ability is the lacking of investment for design, marketing and market analysis. Therefore, beside research and development, OCM Vietnam always specially focuses on analyzing customer needs and market trends, two main factors of the success of a new brand name.

In order to provide high quality Vietnamese product to the many Vietnamese people, we consistently improve ourselves in 2 main features:

Modern technology: our main factory is in Long An with 2 moderns mills, both are GMP certified. We have enough facilities and resource to manufacture wide range of cosmetic product.

We are responsible: Customer satisfaction is our priority. We protect our reputation by ensuring the quality of our product so customer can confident to release the product to market with the statement “Manufactured by OCM”

There is definitely an opportunity for Vietnam to become a major player within Asia cosmetic market as long as we have enough investment for our product and ambitious to success.