Research and Development

It is true that Research & Development is the most important step in doing OEM cosmetic.  That is strong research & development make OCM stand out among many other OEM company in Vietnam. With experienced R&D team, we are confident to provide the best formulation fit with customer needs, have high effect, complied with Health Department’s regulation and safe to use.

In order to formulate an effective and safe product, we choose safe raw material and investigate all its affection to our skin, hair or even inhalation (if relevant to the product). We commit to control the dosage of all ingredients below the safety limit. Before deploy the formulation to mass production process, the sample made from final formulation goes through all needed assessments like safety test, stability test, functional test...

In mass production process, each step is strictly controlled to avoid impurities or microbiological disorder. The quantity used of all ingredient and critical parameter are controlled in tolerance to ensure the product’s effectiveness and safety.

Below is our product development process: