Production capacity

Mixing equipment

Various Heating, cooling, Vacuum and CIP system.

We hold 350L-3,000L of silverson emulsification mixers.

We are able to produce wide range of products, such as high viscosity products, lotion (toner), cream and milky essence. OEM Cosmetic

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Bulk products storage tank

Tank for interim storage of bulk products.

Send directly to the filling equipment through a sanitary pipe from the tank.


Liquid Filling Line

Production Line of filling for liquid cosmetics such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and milky essence. 

Various container shape or size is available.


Cream Filling Line

Complete automatic filling equipment which performs filling and capping of container.


Tube Filling Line

Adopted seal method of hot air and corner cutting to create beautiful seal with high speed. In addition it is capable of shrink packaging.



> 2,000m2 of standard warehouse area

Clean and full Cracking system


oem cosmetic