OEM Process

Flexible and quick responsed OEM cosmetic process by cooperation of Sales, R&D, Production and Quality Assurance team who well versed in cosmetic OEM /ODM.

If you wish to commercialize your idea, please contact us. Our team, with various experiences in the cosmetic OEM or cosmetic ODM, will realize your requests.

We can assist you from planning, formulation development, production, packing to delivery. We are able to manufacture skincare, bodycare, haircare and homecare products. We can manage a wide range of issues on manufacturing products. 





Let's start the project together!

First of all, please tell us your ideas, dreams and requests.

Our experienced sales executive and R&D specialist will listen to your request. We are able to consult you about the new product development step by step, inlcluding: essential legal documents to prepare, product function and level of quality, appropriate packing, product registeration... 


Based on agreed product briefs and time plan, our R&D team will take charge from the beginning to the end of formulation development. The R&D team will make continuous improvement until the sample satisfy you in all aspects including texture, appearance, fragrance, safety, function and test result... Also, to be sure that the products are safe to use, we will conduct stability and safety test.

Mass production:

After the final formulation was approved; production process, raw material as well as packaging have already been prepared for mass production. Our production system backed up by plentiful experiences and performances will ensure the quality of the products.

We are able to handle various agent types of products with high standard of quality. Our factories conform to ISO certification and cosmetic GMP. We will flexibly accept various kinds of your order from small-quantity to mass production. We will deliver you safe and reliable products based on strict quality assurance and quality control system.


We have automatic packaging lines for:

Various packing type: bottles, bottles with pump, sachets, tubs, jars, gel boats, sachet, refill bag…

Different product form: alchohol base,liquid, paste...(including very high viscosity product like hair wax) 


We can deliver finish good to your warehouse depend on your request.   

Customer service:

We provide professional customer service all the time.

These 6 steps are followed continuously to improve the product quality, product diversity and customer satisfaction.