According to market analysis data, Vietnamese cosmetic market is emerging with huge potential that has been experiencing impressive growth, annual growing at a rate of 30% for the past few years. However, the established international brands occupied 90% of the market. Domestic brands share the rest 10% with low-priced products.

In that scenario, in 2011, OCM Vietnam Corporation was established by a group of 5 cosmetic experts, who have rich experiences in cosmetic raw material, formulating, manufacturing and market. Our ambition is to manufacture a wide range of high quality cosmetic products for the many Vietnamese people. We promise to increase competitive ability for as many domestic brands as possible.

Besides, we are passionate to expand our business to over sea by establishing partnership with global/foreign company. Our standard factory, knowledge about cosmetic and regulation, professional working method can adapt multi-requirements of oversea market. 

Now, OCM Vietnam facilities include 6000 square meters factory in Long An, with all standard equipment, and one central research center in Ho Chi Minh city. We are confident that our products quality and design are equally competitive with most international cosmetic brands.

Customer satisfaction shall be our priority. Thus we collect information such as cosmetic market needs, customer preference, and cosmetic regulation to deliver functional and safe product. We committed to always use safe ingredients and modern technology. Our focus is to bring customers qualified, compatible and safe cosmetic product.