Hair conditioning products

Hair conditioning products
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Date posted : 05/05/2016

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Key concept:

As hair is one of the most important factors infuencing our appearance, shampoos and hair conditioners are widely used personal care products among both men and women. Although shampooing has been the most common form of cosmetic hair treatment, primarily aimed at cleansing the hair and scalp, the present-day consumer expects more options of conditioning.

Hair conditioner:  are designed to repair chemical and environmental damage, replace natural lipids removed by shampooing, and facilitate managing and styling hair. They are usually applied after cleaning the hair in the form of rinsing or leave-in preparations. Certain manufacturers also produce two-in-one shampoo and conditioner formulations.

Types of Conditioners

Based on their application, there are several types of hair conditioners available today, including instant products, hair rinses, deep conditioners, and leave-in products.

Instant conditioners: are usually formulated as lotions and are used on wet hair after shampooing. hey are left on the hair for a few minutes and then rinsed off.  Instant conditioners improve wet combing and are primarily recommended for consumers who shampoo frequently and/or have minimally damaged hair.

Deep conditioners: also known as hair masks, are usually recommended for chemically damaged hair and dry hair. They are applied to wet hair and are left on the hair for 20–30 min before rinsing. 

Leave-in products: are typically applied to towel-dried hair, and as their name implies, they are designed to remain on the hair. The most popular leave-in conditioners are oily products based on petrolatum; mineral oil and silicones are designed for thick, curly, or kinky hair. They can moisturize the hair while aiding in hair styling.